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New Projects - Photography, Writing and Film

Hey guys,

First of all, I do hope that all is well on your end, particularly during the world's current events. COVID-19 hasn't been easy, for any of us. So be sure to wear a mask, socially distance from others, and most importantly, stay informed!

To start, I would like to briefly mention what has been happening, and what I have been doing over these past few months. Besides starting my Master's degree at Leeds, which I am super excited about, I have been working on a few projects that I think you guys might enjoy. For example, I have revamped the website. Yellow happens to be my favourite colour, so I find it rather fitting to coat the entire page in it - sorry if it's not your thing!

Nevertheless, I am also starting a new mini blog series. This is mostly an attempt to encompass my thoughts onto paper and supply a perhaps different narrative on current world events, such as COVID-19; personal experiences, alongside areas such as self-thought and expression; and other areas, such as editing tutorials and photography projects. So stay tuned for that (If that sort of stuff interests you).

Getting back involved in Social Media has been a longstanding priority for a while now. I took - quite an extended - break from Instagram in 2018, as I felt that I had to grow and learn more skills. To put it plainly, I wasn't happy with my photography, and so I decided that taking a break was the best option. It certainly was.

Overall, this platform is mainly a chance for me to showcase my work, and to supply different mediums, such as photography, film, and writing - three things that I am very passionate about! Given the current state of things, 'Lockdown 2.0' as we are terming it here in England, is now more real than ever. But, on the bright side, it's giving me a lot more free time, and so I see this page as a good way to pass it.

Thanks, and stay safe.


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